Body Design

Introducing Indji El Solh Body Design

Indji’s Body Design concentrates on teaching participants to be totally focused and mindful of their movement to choreography which she has specifically designed to improve one’s balance, flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination.  Health and cardiovascular betterment is achieved through a change in the energy burn cycle from warm-up, to high power impact. Periodical breaks in the sustained flow of aerobic conditioning, muscle toning, and stretching cycles enhances overall endurance and develops a strong human core capable of coping with alternating life challenges. The classes are taught to a customized music mix of pop, electronica, jazz, Latin, Oriental and hip hop. Music that creates a stress free, high energy , powerful positive environment. Movements and techniques that draw on a combination of Ballet, Jazz,  contemporary dance, Pilates and Yoga are mixed into a unique delivery style that employs toning equipment such as Ball, Bike, Bosu, Barr, Stick, and high energy rebound equipment such as Rope, Step, Trampoline, and Bounce Shoes.  A 50 minute Signature Body Design Dance Fitness workout with Indji targets a higher calorie burn rate compared to rates achieved with more conventional trainers. Agility and tone, not bulk and rigidity, is the Body Design objective.

Fettle Fix up:
A fun approach to fitness via  music inspired dance moves  generating flexibility and cardio tune catering to the non dancers giving them a glimpse of what their inner dancer can accomplish with their body

Synco Sticks:
Using a light weight stick ..movements are swift & smooth. A power stretch & balance is combined to this workout  enhancing control over space movement perception orientation. A step can be used in this workout  for leg muscle toning, breathing and cardio strengthening.

Focus Force:
Is a highly intense movement oriented session. Using light hand weights enhancing the upper body, using balance at different points in space. Using different planes..(Vertical. Sagittal  & horizontal. ) enabling the body to be space oriented . Moderate ankle weights are used for floor work. Boscu is usually integrated

Barre it up:
Using the Barre.; Ballet. Jazz .fitness moves are used in this core oriented workout ..Body sculpt & power stretch an essential component in this workout .

Rebound Blast:
Bounce Shoes are used in a cardio workout that combines Barre dancing, Stretching, Rope Jumping, Ball Bearing and different light weight intense workout with no impact on the leg joints.

Ball Baring:
Using a ball working with orientation of space & planes. Enabling the body to manoeuvre & adapt to different configurations. A boscu or step can be used. Uncovering the Ball capability in managing ones balance, strength and focus is experienced.

Spin away:
Using spin bikes with weights and different ride patterns for enhancing lower body and breathing.

Jolly Jumpolin:
Circuit training. Trampolines. Used in different forms not just for jumping. Light weights, Balls, Ropes and Stretch bands are used.

Fitness clones:
A fun family oriented workout. Challenging Kids to emulate the instructor, create their own choreography, emulate each other and have their parents follow.

Feeling Food Fashion Fit:
A presentation by Indji on what to eat, how to maintain a healthy mental attitude, how to style in active wear and how to build ones fitness program.