About Indji

To become one of the elite Dance Fitness instructors, Indji started ballet at age of 6. She knew she would dance for life. With Zoom online; She brings her body design program to the world.

At the age of 16 she became an elite junior dancer at Ballet Rambert England. Went to study Jazz with Martha Graham and dance with Mat Mattox in New York. She returned to Egypt to pioneer the concept of Dance Fitness. She did so by opening the first studio in the country.

Having Completed Laban/Bartenieff Certification she became professor in Movement Studies at Ottawa University Canada, UQAM  Montreal and AUC Egypt. Her professional credentials include over 22 certifications in dance, fitness, nutrition and natural health.

With a life experience in dance and fitness, Indji El Solh today brands her work through her Signature Body Design program. This is a fitness concept invented by Indji. She uses a special combination of innovative techniques, and the latest equipment. She does this to deliver new and unique sessions departing from traditional body exercise work. Indji El Solh runs her Signature Body Design sessions through workshops in dance, fitness and yoga centers. They are located in North America and the Middle East.

Indji has over 25000 followers on social media. Wherever she goes, the draw to her signature body design work is phenomenal.  The response to Indji’s Body Design work through her Dance Fitness Centre in Cairo are always well received. Same goes with the private teams she set up in other centers in the city.

She continues to generate unrelenting enthusiasm for her private work with several Egyptian movie stars and select VIPs. The Cairo Dance Fitness center is booked daily with loyal teams of participants and her workshops are invariably sold out.

If you would like to know more about Indji, please click here to see her Facebook page, and click here to see her instagram posts.

Indji’s Certifications:

01. Laban Bartenieff Certified Movement Analyst, New York.
02. Personal Trainer and group Exercise Certification AFAA
03. Zumba instructor
04. Zumba toning
05. Zumba Kids
06. Spinning Schwin
07. Resist a Ball
08. Boscu training
09. Boscu for athletes
10. Step
11. Stott Booty Barre
12. Hot Yoga ..Lara Hudson ..Chicago
13. Bootcamp ..Marine style Sgt Ken
14. American Fight Directors Actor Combatants
15. Nutrition management – Linda Hudson Chicago
16. Nutrition lifestyle ..Mindy Mylea.
17. Floor Barre. Zena Rommett.
18. Pilates Studies with Stott Pilates, Toronto.
19. Tabata
20. Dance Injury – Dance Medicine Science
21. MED First Aid and CPR.
22. Kangoo Instructor, Toronto
23. Strong by Zumba


1. Trampoline
2. Aerial Yoga Silks
3. Feldenkrais Technique. (Used for actors ..dancers ..& fitness )
4. Alexandre Technique ( Used for ..actors.. dancers ..& fitness )
5. Tai Chi
6. Neck release & massage therapy ..Ken Eyerman .. London
7. Body Release .. Ken Eyerman .. London.
8. World Fitness IDEA Conventioneer